Equishine Pro Dust Grooming Brush


Equishine Pro Dust is made from 100% pig bristles which will pull dirt from the depth of the coat and massage your horses skin.  The Pro Dust is firm so is also helps removes stains from greys and produces a fantastic shine when used as part of your daily grooming routine.

Wooden backed, these brushes slide beautifully into your hand, providing a natural grip for optimum grooming strokes.





The complete set of Equishine brushes, equips you with Pro Flick, Pro Quarter Marks, Pro Dust and Pro Finish – and when used successively will produce an incredible coat shine and condition and allow you to create perfect quarter marks.

Equishine Pro Flick is made from 100% natural fibres.  With it’s long bristles the Pro Flick helps you quickly clean your horse by removing surface debris including shavings from the coat, mane and tail.   The outer bristles also absorb the finest dust.

Equishine Pro Quarter Marks has alternating rows of 100% horsehair and brass bristles, this brush provides an excellent choice for creating those perfect clean crisp quarter marks.

Equishine Pro Finish is made from 100% horsehair which is excellent for producing an amazing shine.  The extra soft tips will soothe your horse and help bring out their natural oils for a healthy, shiny looking coat.




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