Equishine Pro Flick Grooming Brush


Equishine Pro Flick is made from 100% natural fibres. With it’s long bristles the Pro Flick helps you quickly clean your horse by removing surface debris including shavings from the coat, mane and tail. The outer bristles also absorb the finest dust.

The Pro Flick is a sturdy hand brush allowing you a stronger grip, resulting in firmer brush strokes.  This beautiful brush is made from beechwood which has been carefully processed from European forests that are sustainably managed and PEFC certified.

The complete set of Equishine brushes, equips you with Pro Flick, Pro Clean, Pro Quarter Marks, Pro Dust and Pro Finish – and when used successively will produce an incredible coat shine and the most fabulous quarter marks.

By buying one of our Equishine brushes you can rest assured you will get amazing results from a grooming brush made to last.  To ensure you get many years of use out of these luxury brushes, please look after them!

Brush Care

To keep your Equishine grooming brushes performing at their best, please keep them clean and dry.

Loosen the dirt and hair with a soft curry comb, or a damp cleaning cloth.  Work carefully to avoid damaging the bristles.

Do not wash with household detergents and do not allow the brushes to sit in water. Avoid getting the wooden backs wet.

Once you have gently washed the bristles, rinse, then pat dry with a clean towel to remove excess moisture and lay them on their side, or bristle side down.

Do not put near a heat source, allow to dry naturally.

Make sure the bristles are completely dry before returning the brush back into your grooming kit.



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