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Equishine’s First Blog

For the last few years I have been working with an American grooming company called Shapley’s who make (in my humble opinion) THE best products.  This has given me the opportunity to meet lots of lovely equestrians from all walks of life.  Some are into dressage and showing, others eventing, and some are happy hackers. The one thing that unites all these people whatever their discipline is their love of horses.  We are responsible for the welfare of these beautiful animals, they look to us for love, affection, to be kept safe and most importantly for FOOD.

I have been lucky enough to work with some truly lovely people including my good friends Ashley Bird and Liam Priestley.  I’ve had the opportunity to talk with and ask advice from the likes of Anne, Allister and Ollie Hood and their team.  David Jinks and Adam Forster from The Jinks Show Team, Sue-Helen Shuttleworth the Queen of the cobs and Katie Jerram Hunnable and Chris and their team.  I even got to meet and have lunch with my childhood hero Lucinda Green, which was fantastic.

These experiences/ friendships have allowed me to see how professional equestrians go about their business and watch and learn from the best.  It also meant I have been able to see how they do things now and hopefully find ways that they can do things better, quicker, safer etc. This is the ‘why’ Equishine was created. For example, our new flat waxed thread is so easy to thread it saves time and that’s one thing you don’t have lots of when you have 20 horses going to a show!  Our Plaiting Apron Pro comes with a pin cushion so not more putting those needles in your mouth whilst you work.  And as for our new Pro Quarter Mark brush well according to Team Jinks it’s the best they have ever used – now that makes us very proud!

We have more products due out in 2020, so watch this space…


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